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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
District Student Data Information Coordinator03/17/2023ClassifiedGCPS Technology Dept.Apply
Exceptional Childrens Teacher (General Curriculum)03/16/2023LicensedMt. Energy Elementary SchoolApply
Student Information Data Manager - High School03/15/2023ClassifiedGranville Central High SchoolApply
Technical Support Specialist03/15/2023ClassifiedCentral OfficeApply
Social Studies Teacher03/14/2023LicensedGranville Early College High SchoolApply
Refrigeration Mechanic/Kitchen Equipment03/08/2023ClassifiedGCPS Maintenance Dept.Apply
English Teacher03/08/2023LicensedGranville Central High SchoolApply
6th Grade Social Studies Teacher03/07/2023LicensedNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply
Plumber II03/06/2023ClassifiedGCPS Maintenance Dept.Apply
CTE Teacher-Technology/Computer Programming03/01/2023LicensedSouth Granville High SchoolApply
JROTC Teacher03/01/2023LicensedSouth Granville High SchoolApply
Speech-Language Pathologist02/22/2023LicensedGCPS Exceptional Childrens Dept.Apply
Volunteer Assistant Boys Track & Field Coach02/21/2023CoachingButner-Stem Middle SchoolApply
Volunteer Assistant Girls Track & Field Coach02/21/2023CoachingButner-Stem Middle SchoolApply
Assistant Volleyball Coach02/21/2023CoachingButner-Stem Middle SchoolApply
Assistant Softball Coach02/21/2023CoachingButner-Stem Middle SchoolApply
Plumber II02/21/2023ClassifiedGCPS Maintenance Dept.Apply
HVAC Mechanic II02/21/2023ClassifiedGCPS Maintenance Dept.Apply
Exceptional Childrens Teacher (General Curriculum)02/21/2023LicensedSouth Granville High SchoolApply
Visual Arts Teacher02/21/2023LicensedSouth Granville High SchoolApply
Assistant Football Coach02/17/2023CoachingGranville Central High SchoolApply
Assistant Wrestling Coach02/17/2023CoachingButner-Stem Middle SchoolApply
School Nurse - Grant-Funded, Time-Limited Through June 202402/08/2023LicensedGCPS Student Support ServicesApply
School Nurse02/08/2023LicensedGCPS Student Support ServicesApply
Instructional Assistant - Spanish Class02/07/2023ClassifiedWest Oxford Elementary SchoolApply
Fuel Truck Driver02/07/2023ClassifiedGCPS Transportation Dept.Apply
Girls' Volleyball Coach01/30/2023CoachingJ. F. Webb High SchoolApply
Exceptional Childrens Teacher (General Curriculum)01/17/2023LicensedPhoenix AcademyApply
Physical Education Teacher01/10/2023LicensedWilton Elementary SchoolApply
Instructional Assistant - General Ed.01/04/2023ClassifiedWilton Elementary SchoolApply
Instructional Assistant12/16/2022ClassifiedMt. Energy Elementary SchoolApply
School Bookkeeper12/13/2022ClassifiedG. C. Hawley Middle SchoolApply
ESL Teacher12/06/2022LicensedNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply
Exceptional Childrens Teacher (Self Contained)11/22/2022LicensedWest Oxford Elementary SchoolApply
Exceptional Childrens Teacher (General Curriculum)11/22/2022LicensedWest Oxford Elementary SchoolApply
7th Grade Math Teacher11/14/2022LicensedNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply
Social Studies Teacher11/09/2022LicensedJ. F. Webb High SchoolApply
Custodian11/07/2022ClassifiedMt. Energy Elementary SchoolApply
Reading Interventionist10/31/2022LicensedNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply
Math Interventionist10/31/2022LicensedNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply
Assistant Athletic Coach- Boys Soccer10/31/2022CoachingNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply
Assistant Athletic Coach- Girls Soccer10/31/2022CoachingNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply
Assistant Athletic Coach- Boys Track10/31/2022CoachingNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply
Assistant Athletic Coach- Girls Track10/31/2022CoachingNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply
Assistant Athletic Coach- Baseball Coach10/31/2022CoachingNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply
Assistant Athletic Coach- Girls Softball Coach10/31/2022CoachingNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply
Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Children Substitute10/24/2022SubstituteStovall-Shaw Elementary SchoolApply
Long-term Substitute Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Children10/21/2022ClassifiedTar River Elementary SchoolApply
Child Nutrition Services Cashier Assistant10/19/2022ClassifiedC. G. Credle Elementary SchoolApply
7th Grade ELA Teacher10/18/2022LicensedNorthern Granville Middle SchoolApply